Creating a writing from prior Atomic Notes

Hi everyone,

I was happy to find Joplin and am making plans to dump my Evernote account of decades.

I have a question about working in Joplin. I use the Zettlekasten method for researching and writing.

Is there a way to insert notes into a main note to 'create' a larger note from atomic notes I've taken?


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<Atomic note 01>
<Content from Atomic Note 01>

<Atomic note 02>
<Content from Atomic Note 01>

<Atomic note 03>
<Content from Atomic Note 01>

I can proficiently link notes and I've tried some methods of inline inserting/linking similar to graphics and I'm not getting the results I was wanting. I've also played around with some plugins.

You might want to give joplin-plugin-note-overview a try, which can combine notes:

<!-- note-overview-plugin
search: notebook:"Welcome! (Desktop)"
fields: body
  text: "{{body}}"
  separator: ---
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Thank you for the suggestion. I have it installed now and will play around with it. I think I installed it the other day and was a little intimidated by it.

I was able to start using the plug in. It works great for creating Index pages of templates and things like that. Now that I've practiced a bit and bookmarked some reference pages. I'm going to think of how to leverage this. I'll probably need to think of a tagging strategy to go with it.