Editing text is unintuitive/maybe buggy in markdown

Version: 2.4.9
Markdown Editor
Windows 10

Let's say I enter "My is Bear."
Now I try to insert "name " right before "is". This however causes: "My name ar". The 5 characters to the right are erased, ie, each character I type in the middle replaces a character already in the String. Not sure if this is the expected behaviour or if it is a bug. Please help, editing is very problematic this way!

This is not expected behavior. I can't reproduce this. Do you use any plugins? Start Joplin in safe mode and try again.

did you check the insert key?


This seems to have been the problem. Thanks!

If you are on Windows, you can use PowerToys to either disable or reassign the insert key. It's such a useless hold over from ancient computer times.

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