Duplicate app entries in menu on Ubuntu Budgie

So I fired up my Ubuntu 18.04 LTS laptop running the Budgie desktop experience. I usually open Joplin by just hitting the Windows key on the keyboard to open their Start Menu-esque menu and start typing “joplin” and hit enter. Today I decided I should do the recent update.
I used the wget one-liner on the github page to download and run the script to process the update. That all went smoothly and as an added bonus the Joplin icon actually shows up on my running app now. But, when I type “joplin” in the start menu to search for it, I get two hits.
Looking manually I can see there’s a “Joplin” under the “Office” section, and there’s now an “Other” section that contains only “Joplin.”
I’ve only googled a little bit about manipulating that menu, but haven’t come up with much. I’ve signed out and signed back in to the desktop, and will go down for a reboot now. But has anyone else seen behavior like this?

Ya this is a known issue, which might have been fixed about 2 hours after you updated. Do you mind checking to see if the fix worked? You’ll need to delete the contents of ~/.joplin and run the one liner again. Please let me know if the issue goes away after that happens.
If it doesn’t I can work with you to fix it.

that absolutely did it. Thank you!

Great to hear, thanks for checking it out!