Joplin disappears

Hi everyone,

I’m new on Joplin and I’m quiet ignorant in linux systems though I’m now using it. I’ve installed Joplin to leave Evernote cause I care about privacy.

I’m quiet happy with Joplin despite the fact that I miss features like PDF integration and some highlitings features.

My problem is : I installed Joplin on my two computers desktop and laptop and both at different time Joplin seemed to disappear. What I mean by this is that when I try to start it from the launcher I type Joplin and there is nothing anymore. It happened after I restarted my computer.

Any ideas ? What else information can I provide to you as you can help me a bit ?

Thanks in advance and have a great weekend

you can have a look at how to find a file then to launch joplin you will need to do:

   cd /path/to/the/found/folder/where/you/spot/the/binary


It’s weird because it seems all the install files have been wiped out.

I just find the folder in which all my .md files are. Any idea of what could cause this ? Is there a log somewhere I could get information ?

No I dont have any idea at all, reinstall it.
To check what’s happened on Linux, have a look at /var/log/syslog or /var/log/message

How did you install joplin on your computers ? Which Linux distribution are you using ?

Thanks for your replies.

I’ve installed it via npm initially but now I tried with an app image. never did before. It seems to work for now …