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Been away for a little while. Just tried to open Joplin and all I get is a blank white screen! Menus show but nothing works, not even Quit!

Any suggestions? I could reinstall but want to be sure that there are no recent updates that might compromise my existing database. Last logged in about 1 month ago. (I note that my install of Nextcloud is due for an update but don't want to do that until I get Joplin working again.)

Can't recall the last version update of Joplin but file properties of Joplin.exe show; date modified 3/2/21 - is it OK to update from that without risk to my settings? Or maybe reinstall same version? (Is that on Github?)

Thanks for any advice/help/reassurance!

I think it should be ok. But make a copy your database and resources just in case.

There's probably an error in the console, could you check what it is? You would need to get the console to display as described there: How to enable debugging | Joplin

Thanks @laurent. I can't do that - menus show up but nothing works. Hvae expored Joplin folders but cannot identify where profile lives.

@roman_r_m thanks. Sensible. If no other route I will do what I can to copy/backup the database (currently on a private install of Nextcloud).

But maybe @laurent has more suggestions? Or should I proceed with a reinstall?

Assuming you're on Windows it's in your user home dir under .config/joplin-desktop. Unless you're using portable version, then the profile will be in the same dir as the .exe

Hi all - thanks for suggestions. Luckily, I logged into Joplon the oither day and it is working fine! So no need to perform surgery on my set up! :slight_smile:

It definitely wasn't working over a period of about three days when I first posted - but yesterday it was fine ... :man_shrugging:

Cheers ...

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