Not waving but drowning in Mint

Hi. Newbie Linux user here, so short simple words please… I saw an item on the packages page about a script to download and install Joplin ( wget -O - | bash) which I used. The last line of the process said something about ‘desktop icon - not created’.
So I apparently have downloaded Joplin and installed it, but no obvious way to actually make it run. I’m on Linux Mint and have (despite the current experience) managed to install several packages successfully up to now. Can anyone suggest how I rescue this operation please?
Again - please remember I’m a recovering Windows user and most of this is still a foreign language!

On Linux distributions the Joplin executable (actually an appimage) is stored in the folder ~/.joplin (~ means your home folder). If you open this folder in your file browser you should be able to double click on the file Joplin.Appimage which will prompt you to integrate Joplin with your desktop (select yes) and you should now have a fully running Joplin install!

Side note: if nothing happens when you double click the file it might mean that Joplin doesn’t have permission to run, i think what you’ll have to do is right click on the file and set executable permissions from there then click on the file again.

Please let me know if this works (or doesn’t)! When I get to a computer I’ll try to take a look at why it didn’t work in the first place.

Actually I just had a quick look, I assume you installed the default desktop environment (cinnamon)? There is currently a pull request open to fix the install script to support cinnamon. In all likelihood the script will work correctly by the time you need to update!

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Thanks for a quick and effective response! I right clicked the app and chose ‘open’ and the integration message popped up immediately. I chose ‘yes’ and now have a Joplin desktop icon and a welcome window. Thanks very much for your help.