Please (please) take a look at this serious UI bug

Hello everyone and sorry for the clickbait title, but before opening an issue on github (I don't have an account there), I thought it'd be useful to report a problem also here.

I'm running the Joplin Desktop application (version 2.7.15) on Linux Mint Cinnamon 20.3.

My problem is that Joplin doesn't display the main menu, nor does it seem to be a way to access its options (apart from the command palette). This means that I'm currently unable to toggle development tools and produce a debugging log.

I've searched extensively on github, but there are no other reports of this issue. That's the only mention I've found: Can't access main menu on Joplin GNU/Linux

I'm sorry I cannot provide more information, tell me if you need more details. At this point I don't know what else to try; I'd really like to have just a reply. Thanks in advance

Can you post a screenshot of what you see?

Was it working before or did something change in your install or OS? (I'm running the exact same OS and version as you and don't have any issues).

I assume you can't reach the options menu you said you have access to the command palette - the command toggleSafeMode should be available to you. Does it make any difference when you activate it and restart?

Can you also enable logging (How to enable debugging | Joplin) and provide that?

I also see this sometimes but I've always assumed it's either Electron or KDE. And it happens with other apps as well.
What helps me in such case is dragging the window to another screen, then the menu shows up, and I can drag it back.

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