Dropdown menus like Vspacecode


I have been an avid user of doom emacs org-mode. I loved it, but most of the modern features where behind. I loved the most how everything was keyboard driven. Only creativity was the limit for customization. I loved the power of minibuffers in swiper, margnalia and vertico. But again it was just painful without mobile support and simple handing of images.

I moved to vscode with an extension called Vspacecode. This extension gives you the sense of emacs minibuffers. This feature really help to make things organized without the clutter of side menus.

Now as I discovered joplin. I see I am slowely migrating to it for the most convient over all system handsdown. The only thing, there is no dropdowns more than list of commands and no minibuffers. If I need to search my notes, I have to search on sidebar and click search that would lose focus on what I have been doing. In emacs and vscode you can quickly search notes, quickly swap between opened notes and so on.

is there is new extensions that can help me achieve this?

Try the Joplin VSCode plugin since you already have VSCode and Vspacecode installed.

Otherwise, try the Ctrl + P Goto Anything search, or press F6 to focus the sidebar search.

All keyboard shortcuts are editable. Press Ctrl + , to view Options, then click on the Keyboard Shortcuts menu item to view, edit, or search for keyboard shortcuts.

Thank you! vscode plugin is great, but not all the power of joplin is there like smooth rendering of latex and drawing extensions.

Regarding the shorctuts, can it allow for cords and chain keybindings like emacs do?

You can install related extension support by yourself. Both latex and drawio already have related vscode support. I will not reimplement them (there is no need).
ref: Recommended extensions | Joplin Utils

Thank you for sharing this ecosystem. I actually love it. I am trying to get familier with and unfortunately one full note has been deleted. I feel it's from "All in one" extension, so I am turning this down for now. But really thank you