Neovim extension


I want to start a thread about starting a family of extensions that would enhance user experience is a systematic way. I asked before about support of key leaders and was pointed to vscode extension to harness all vscode features.However, vscode extension also has few issues like no fuzzy search support and no render. Also I tried codemirror in joplin, but does not seem to be very configurable.

I was thinking about something like neovim-vscode plugin. The idea is that joplin needs to only open notes in nvim joplin window itself and the user can configure anything else like telesope, spacevim-like features, folding/unfloading with zz ... etc

I am not sure how feasible this would be, but I think it is a valid objective given many people love the simplicity of joplin, but need better navigation experience. I think if we but a clear milestones that would help.



One can call an external editor. It's in the General settings. As a vim/neovim user and if I needed *vim to open, I'd prefer it outside of Joplin. I find the vim keybindings to be sufficient for what I need.

Your proposed plugin would have to be multi-platform too - Mac, Windows, Linux.

This pull request might also help — if merged, it will allow opening a full notebook (rather than a single note) in an external editor.