VS Code Style Search Plugin

I've been using Joplin for a year and love it, but the full-text search experience was very lacking. The primary search option just focuses an input above the notes list, and typing in search text only gives you a filtered list of note titles (which I think don't even match what notebook you're search in). It also doesn't show you any of the search results from any of the matching notes.

I did later find out that the Quick Commands dialog (CTRL-P) has its own entirely separate full-text search implementation. It shows a list of notes with highlighted matching text snippets. However, it doesn't break out each hit separately, and it limits how many notes it shows in the results list.

I wanted a search experience that matched how the VS Code editor's full text search works: a separate panel in the UI, with a treeview list of hits grouped by file, all of the file groups are collapsible, and each hit is a separate line in the results list.

So, I built it!

There was some discussion as I developed this over in the Search functionality in Joplin thread , along with some feature requests. I haven't had time to work on any of those yet, but please feel free to comment here or file issues in the repo!


Listing feature requests so far:

Search functionality in Joplin - #74 by s4j4

  • Can the search results be displayed in a notebook structure?
  • Can the search results display the path where the notes are located?
  • Can the search scope include the path where the note is located, in addition to the note title and body text?

Search functionality in Joplin - #77 by muzak

  • Can the search bar be focused upon showing the panel?
  • If the above is too invasive, can a keyboard shortcut be added to focus the search bar?
  • Can a plugin settings page option be added to preserve search results when hiding the panel?
  • Can clicking a note's result line scroll to where it's located in the note, like how HTML anchors work?

Thanks so much for this!

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This plugin has the potential to improve Joplin's biggest problem (searching).
Kudos to the author for starting.

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This is really useful!

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Now we are waiting for the author to have enough time and prepare an update. :smile: