Drawing with a pen

One of Joplin's 6 accepted summer of code proposals involves adding drawing support (apparently I can't yet add links to my posts).

The beta editor buggy and often frustrating. Users with styluses and touchscreens are unable to easily input hand-drawn images and diagrams. I propose fixing the most severe bugs in the beta editor, adding a touch-friendly toolbar, and adding an image editor to the mobile app.

Good luck personalizedrefriger we're all looking forward to seeing what you come up with :grinning:

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+1 from me too. I'm just looking for a note app and first came across the Notion, which is out of the question for me from a privacy point of view. Then I became aware of Joplin and I think the approach is fantastic.
Unfortunately, I found out that you can't create handwritten notes/drawings in Joplin. And I think that's a great pity, because in college I used OneNote on the Microsoft Surface to take my notes and it allowed me to do without pen and paper a lot and it was very convenient.
As mentioned here, this would be a real killer feature if you could mix handwritten notes/drawings and other elements, such as images or bulleted lists, regardless of device.

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I wonder if you could simply use a 3rd party SVG editor for iPad or Surface and then embed it into Joplin


There is a software called SVGDeveloper on the win side, which can be used as a reference for embedded tools

Here's a demo of the (very much work-in-progress) image editor (ignore the note about local debugging — I'm publishing an HTML page I've been using for local debugging):


Feedback/feature requests are welcome!


Very good, maybe this online tool https://editor.method.ac/ can be used as a reference

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this : GitHub - marc0l92/joplin-plugin-drawio

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I have very fast and easy solution.
introducing Butterfly.
WAY faster and lighter than drawio.