Drawing with a pen

One of Joplin's 6 accepted summer of code proposals involves adding drawing support (apparently I can't yet add links to my posts).

The beta editor buggy and often frustrating. Users with styluses and touchscreens are unable to easily input hand-drawn images and diagrams. I propose fixing the most severe bugs in the beta editor, adding a touch-friendly toolbar, and adding an image editor to the mobile app.

Good luck personalizedrefriger we're all looking forward to seeing what you come up with :grinning:

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+1 from me too. I'm just looking for a note app and first came across the Notion, which is out of the question for me from a privacy point of view. Then I became aware of Joplin and I think the approach is fantastic.
Unfortunately, I found out that you can't create handwritten notes/drawings in Joplin. And I think that's a great pity, because in college I used OneNote on the Microsoft Surface to take my notes and it allowed me to do without pen and paper a lot and it was very convenient.
As mentioned here, this would be a real killer feature if you could mix handwritten notes/drawings and other elements, such as images or bulleted lists, regardless of device.

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I wonder if you could simply use a 3rd party SVG editor for iPad or Surface and then embed it into Joplin


There is a software called SVGDeveloper on the win side, which can be used as a reference for embedded tools

Here's a demo of the (very much work-in-progress) image editor (ignore the note about local debugging — I'm publishing an HTML page I've been using for local debugging):


Feedback/feature requests are welcome!


Very good, maybe this online tool https://editor.method.ac/ can be used as a reference

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this : GitHub - marc0l92/joplin-plugin-drawio


I have very fast and easy solution.
introducing Butterfly.
WAY faster and lighter than drawio.


Hi. I would also be interested in this feature.
Yes, taking notes with a keyboard may be faster, BUT when we take notes by hand, we can better memorize what we are writing and also connect the written information with other already existing knowledge in our brain!

If money would be an issue, could be organize a crowd funding?
Based on this forum and the amount of requests, I assume a lot of money could be raised to get this feature.

fyi Plugin: js-draw integration

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Thanks a lot for the information.
I just tried that. Its not working for handwritten notes.
If I enter text, the text will be shown.
If I write something with a pen, the writing disappears once I stop writing.
Any suggestions?

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What device are you using to draw/write? Does it disappear if you input with a mouse/touchscreen? What if you restart the app and try again?

Does this also happen in the web version of the image editor?

I am using a Surface Pro 3.
When I use a mouse, it works.
Using the pen is not working.

In the web version both works, mouse and pen.
Restarting the app did not help.

Are you opening the image editor by clicking a button with a stylus/pen? Does it work if you open the editor with a touchscreen/mouse?

True Story: I installed all pending windows updates and rebooted the machine - its working now.
This is a good solution for now, but I am still looking forward to a Joplin made solution which can compete with OneNote.

Thanks for the support.

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I'm glad it's working!

Some aspects of the plugin should get better over the next few days (i.e. fixed/better stroke thickness). If you have other feature requests/bug reports, please let me know!

Keep in mind that Plugin: draw.io and Plugin: support Excalidraw in joplin also add support for drawing with a pen.