Plugin: support Excalidraw in joplin

Joplin Excalidraw

Implementation of excalidraw for Joplin.

Why? : Virtual whiteboard can better organize ideas, but most note taking software does not support it, so it is specially adapted for joplin


The current project learned the joplin-sheets project, so thank ThibaultJanBeyer


Thanks for this! But it seems didn't publish yet? I can't see it in the plugin repo.

Sorry, I just released a version as v1.0.0 , you can try it, if you have any questions and suggestions, we can discuss with each other.

Would you consider a real publish? I mean publish it to the official Joplin Plugins Repo. Then, users can easily install your plugin by searching the plugin name from the tools > Options > Plugins page.

Since I can't find your plugin on the npm, I guess you have missed some steps of publishing. Or you just don't want to do this yet?

I'm learning how to publish. I haven't found a manual on how to publish plugin :smiling_face_with_tear:

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It's in your, but you have to make sure you have registered the NPM account first. :smiley:

Forgive me, hahaha. I'm a novice of Nodejs. I'll operate it right away. :rofl:

Once you publish it to NPM, it will automatically appear on the plugin repo after a while.

:laughing:That's fine, I'm running into the same situation previously.

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Yay! I can see that now! :tada: :tada: :tada:

OMG! The tool is awesome! But it seems doesn't work well if I use it within my notes, it is akin to being stuck at the loading process, but it's fine when I opened a blank note for it.

I really love this tool, as my suggestion, I think it better run on a new dialog window, and then save images at once to the notes. Joplin has 2 similar plugins that are worth reference and Freehand Drawing.

Thank you again, you brought in a great tool! :clap: :clap: :clap:

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Thank you. I'll go and learn how to achieve relevant effects :grinning:


Very promising! :trophy: :slight_smile:

I can confirm it works on Linux (on Github you said has not been tested on Linux).

Not yet quite usable, but if you manage to get it, as suggested by @Sinacs, in a separate dialogue it would be excellent. Good luck with it's development!

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One more question, is there any way to quit the excalidraw editor? Or something I missed?

As I try to remove the related syntax, it generates again automatically. If I want to completely remove it from my notes, I need to remove the syntax and then switch to other notes at once (before the syntax generates again), then it will work. But this is a bit tricky. :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

:rofl: sorry, I forgot to consider this, I tried to fix it today

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Slows the synchronization speed, making it easy to modify notes
Add switch button of the panel


Thanks @artikell, the speed is now better than before, and the switch btn is helpful.

For a little more, if it can set the dark mode as the default start, it would be more comfortable to use. And then I will keep my mouth shut and look forward to all your great updates in the future! :love_you_gesture: :laughing:

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Hey surprise! It's me again :crazy_face: Right now, the auto generates code block without the closing syntax ```. Just want to let you know it.

This is true. It refers to other projects, but it should be a better way. I need to learn more about plugin API. :rofl:

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It can't open after updated to v1.1.1

Win11pro, Joplin v2.8.8

Google Photos

Google Photos

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Likewise on Linux (Joplin 2.9.4), the panel opens, but the drawing interface doesn't load.

Thanks for bringing Excalidraw to our attention, @artikell. I was already using drawio, which is excellent for diagrams, but I very much like Excalidraw and will use that more for quick sketches, and drawio for more complex charts.

In the meantime, my workaround is to draw directly using the Excaldraw site, save as svg, and then insert the image into the Joplin note that way.

Wish you good success developing the plugin, it will be very convenient to do it from inside Joplin.

Happy to test it here as you go along.