Drag a link out of a Joplin note to another application

Is it possible to drag out a rendered link out of a Joplin note?

When I try to drag a link from a Joplin note nothing happens, I can only right click on it.

For example when you drag a link from a browser into Joplin editor it will be converted automatically as a text url. I'd like to drag a link from Joplin in the browser and open the page.

Thank you in advance!

Why not just click (Markdown editor viewer pane) or ctrl+click (WYSIWYG editor) on the link to open it in a browser?

Yea this is obviously a minor issue, mostly related to this older post I did, Open links in non default browser

Basically my main problem is that I can't set a browser different to system default to open notes for Joplin.

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