Can I open notes in a web browser (Chrome, Firefox) on desktop or mobile?


I'm not sure if this is already possible or if it is a feature request, but here we go.

Can I open a Joplin note in a web browser, such as Chrome, Firefox, Edge, etc., from the desktop and/or mobile apps?

I have two use cases for this:

  1. I study Japanese and have many notes in Evernote with grammar, music lyrics and other Japanese text. I have browser extensions like Yomichan / Yomitan installed in my desktop browser, and looking up words and phrases with them is very easy and fast (e.g., just hover the cursor over the text while holding [Shift] to see a popup with definitions and more). I currently use the Evernote web version to do this.

  2. Sometimes I need to consult / copy from / edit my notes from someone else's computer. AFAIK, Joplin has no web version. Even if I have Joplin on my phone, AFAIK there is no easy way to access the notes in the phone from another computer. Seeing and editing the Joplin notes in my phone on a desktop could be a practical and safe alternative!

From what I understood after a quick read of the documentation, Joplin is already structured with a server and frontend decoupled from one another. In that case, wouldn't it be possible to have the Joplin server available to be accessed from a browser in the same network, perhaps protected with a password? That would, in a way, be a "web version" of Joplin, running on my phone...

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This would require the browser (or its extension) to handle the whole enchilada of E2EE, and open a can of worms related to frequent browser updates, extension updates and leading to Joplin updates. Don't think it's on the dev's shortlist.

The joplin-vieweb web interface (forum thread here) exists. It may be difficult to set up and I don't know if it solves either use case.

For Yomitan: desktop alternatives, mobile alternatives, apps like Textbender, and using Yomitan on files converted to HTML are all options to try pairing with Joplin.

For Joplin on other computers, look into Joplin Portable. This thread helps explain how it could work for your use case.