Double images when using web clipper

I was using the web clipper with the latest version of Firefox on Windows 10. I clipped a simplified page. The end result was a page in which each image appeared twice: once full size but “out of focus” and then, immediately afterwards, full-size and perfect.

Is this a known bug, a surprise to everyone, or something specific to my system?


On what page?

Do you mean “what URL did you clip?” If so the answer is I clipped using the “Clip Simplified Page” option.

I just did it again, this time into the Inbox, while I was checking the URL for this reply, and I got exactly the same result.


I’ve seen this happening too FYI

Hmm, yes it's medium again. It's unfortunate that it's so popular because they use all kind of tricks to make their content as inaccessible as possible. The source of their page is basically a giant blob of JavaScript. For their images there's a low-res blurry version + the normal version, and it seems Joplin grabs both. Of course they could have used progressive jpegs to achieve the same goal but why use standards when you can break the internet? :smiley:


I understand. I will blame Medium and remove the unnecessary low-res images by hand (or just leave them there as a memorial to Medium’s folly!)

Many thanks.