Your workflow with web clipper?

As I seem to have posted my request in a 'dead' thread (The best web clipper in existence!), I would like to repeat it here because I'm really interested in other people's workflows concerning web clipping:

I do agree - and there's hardly any other webclipper which offers half a dozen of different options (although one of them is still in beta and has been for a long time). But what about webclipping on mobile? Sharing a website to the Joplin app only hands over the URL, and you have to enter a meaningful name for the note title manually.
Which of the (desktop only) options do you folks use most often? I used to pick "simplified page" in the early days of my Joplin usage, but I'm rather put off by the myriad of additional resources it creates (mostly tiny images). Somewhere else in this forum there is a discussion going on about clipping simplified pages with the exception of images or to get rid of them after capturing.
As I browse the web on mobile devices more and more often, I've decided to drop "simplified" or "complete" altogether, and now I tend to choose "clip URL" even on desktop (letting go of search capabilites and risking that URLs are prone to change or vanish altogether). Is it worth risking the overhead of many many tiny files populating cloud storage (and taking quite some time to sync on various devices) in order to get the full benefit of storing webpages offline?

Currently, when a page interests me and I am with the phone I share it (so only the URL) in an INBOX notebook on Joplin.
Once back on the computer, I sort what is in my INBOX notebook. If it's useful to keep it, I make a copy of the whole page and put it in a permanent notebook.

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I wonder if there could be support for a checkbox on the clipper that allows you to toggle between the clipper saving resources locally or simply retaining an online reference to them. Sometimes it is nice to have the images when previewing but also not essential to have them saved.

i.e. "Save locally" on


"Save locally" off


Thank you very much for the first reply! I guess that "make a copy of the whole page" means "clip complete page" and not some sort of copy and paste procedure?
This is obviously problematic when it comes to pictures (and formatting as well) although there seem to be solutions for that involving plugins. Maybe I'm just a 'text-centred' type of guy, so image resources aren't really necessary for me most of the times when I use web clipper.

Great suggestion! Maybe the problem with Joplin (and one of its advantages) is that it shows us what's going on under the hood when syncing (number of notes and resources) which Evernote and OneNote don't.

However, after having imported thousands of notes from Evernote (many of them simplified web clips), I was astonished just how many little files I had in my profile folder (causing load on cloud sync). That's one of the reasons I shied away from making too many new simplified/complete web clippings.