Does Joplin run on raspberry pi with raspbian debian stretch?

Hi there,

I’m planning to use a raspberry pi as a substitution for a typewriter for creative writing purposes. Therefore I would like to know if joplin will run with this os on the raspi as a desktop application.

Joplin is really good. I’m verry impressed of it. I run it with Linux Mint, iOS 12 and Android 6 at the moment. Everything is syncing fine on all of them via my own nextcloud server. This is really a killer feature of joplin. It can’t be praised enough.

Keep on riding with the good work.


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I also would like to get a version of Joplin that is compiled (or self compilable) for Raspberry Pi, as my little Raspi is my main computer at home.
Thank you very much in advance if you could make this possible.

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I’ve got a Rasperry Pi but never tried Joplin on it. Did you get running the AppImage to see if it works?

I’d like to see a path to an RPi solution, too. Raspberry Pi is ARM (and Raspbian OS is 32 bit) – See issues etc and one person’s solution here: – it would be fantastic to have a Raspbian-compatible Joplin!

If someone can update package.json so as to build an ARM version too we can add that to the releases. Electron-builder supports ARM as a target so I guess it can be done.

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Managed to get Joplin working from source on the Raspberry Pi 4/Raspbian this weekend and I’ve put together a guide on how to do it on medium: