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Joplin on pinebook pro

Been using joplin for some time now and very happy with it. This week i received a pinebook pro (linux debian laptop with armhf). So far it seems like a perfect tool for work. But for this i need joplin :wink:

the appimage does not work for armhf so i was wondering if there is something i can do in order to get acces to joplin on a armhf ? if not, is there a option that in the future there also will be an armhf


I don’t expect official support for ARM to ever happen, but you should be able to build it manually. See electron-builder doc: https://www.electron.build/cli.html#targetconfiguration

I have ordered my Pinebook Pro a few days ago and would love to see this work on it.

You indicated it could be built manually; is this a process that could be done with very limited knowledge or will that be difficult?

In also looking into that…dont have any expieriance but will try. I Will let You know if it works

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I’ve also ordered a Pinebook Pro also and I’d like to use Joplin with it.

It’s not clear to me from the question whether it pertains to both the terminal and desktop versions of Joplin.

Might the terminal version of it work on ARM even if the desktop version does not?

I run joplin on a pinebook pro with Manjaro ARM.

I used this aur package: https://aur.archlinux.org/packages/joplin/ .
You need to changethe PKGBUILD file a little.

  1. yay -G joplin
  2. cd joplin
  3. vim PKGBUILD
    3.1 change arch=(“x86_64” “i686”) to arch=(“x86_64” “i686” “aarch64”)
    3.2 change line 71. /ElectronClient/app/dist/linux-unpacked/"* to /ElectronClient/app/dist/linux-arm64-unpacked/"*
  4. makepkg -si
  5. wait :smiley:

That’s great!
I will be receiving my Pinebook Pro in the coming weeks.
Now I’m not so familiar with the package building. What if a new version of Joplin comes out; how would to upgrade it on your system?

you sir are amazing! :wink: took me some time as it did not work on the sd version of manjaro. Now ive got manjaro flashed it worked like a charm…so so happy!!