Please provide a Raspberry Pi Version

I use any App only if it is available on Windows, Android AND Raspberry Pi.
So please provide a version of your App for Raspberry Pi !

Many thanks and kind regards
Martin Klein

A 1 minute Google Search shows this,

There is also an AppImage version that might run on your set up depending on your OS (RaspiOS, Ubuntu for RPi etc.). Also you may need specific packages for some compatabilities.


Catakan, many thanks for your research ! I read all these hints to compile Joplin on my own from source code. But this is not the way applications are normally distributed to Raspberry Pi.
My intent here with this post was to ask the Joplin development team to provide a readymade package for the Raspberry Pi which can be installed as usual with "sudo apt install joplin" or even better via opening the “Add/Remove Software” on Raspberry Pi
With kind regards
Martin Klein

@martin.klein.austria welcome to the forum.

If the Joplin Appimage install script detects it is being run on an ARM device it errors and quits with the message:

Arm systems are not officially supported by Joplin, please search the forum ( for more information

There isn't a Joplin Development Team as you would get with a large software company. This is the project of a single person, assisted by some gifted programmers who volunteer their time and skills.

I am not a programmer and I am just a Joplin user, but I believe that what you are asking for is not quite as easy as you may think. I imagine that Joplin would have to create and maintain some kind of repository just for a 64-bit RasPiOS build so that a user could add it to their sources to get an apt install.

In fact Joplin does not even use repositories that enable apt / rpm / yum etc. installs on Linux x64 distros. The Appimage package is used instead.

It is not unusual for projects and even commercial software companies to limit what architectures they support. This can be due to added work and lack of time or, in the case of a commercial company, the added work and staff required vs the potential financial reward. That is also why some applications are Windows only, some are Linux only, some are macOS only etc.. The fact that Joplin is built for Windows, Linux (x64), macOS, Android and iOS is quite amazing actually.