Request a 32 bit Linux Appimage

I like Joplin a lot. It has all the features of Evernote but has a sim[ler interface. I just would ask for a 32 bit Linux Appimage. I use Linux and Android mostly and my main laptop is an old 32 bit netbook.

There’s already an open issue on github:

But according to this comment in the ticket, Joplin should run on 32 bit as well.

Joplin-Desktop doesn’t run on 32-bit. I tried it today with debian stretch bunsenlabs linux: “Wrong format error”. I tried the etcher flash program in 64 and in 32 bit to test my system. The 32-bit-Appimage of etcher works. My system is working.

I would like to use joplin on my igel thin client. Is there hope to get a 32 bit version for linux someday? Would be great. For windows it seems to work with 32 bit.



Maybe its possible to build a 32 bit AppImage from the source? Are there some build instructions for compiling a 32 bit version?

Still no mercy for the 32-bit-user? I need an alternative for joplin on my 32-bit-machine?

@notetaker, why don’t you give it a try? There are instructions to build the app on the website - maybe you can start from that and see if you can tweak the electron-builder parameters to obtain a 32 bit app? If you manage to do that, maybe it will be possible to make this part of the regular releases.

Ok, I tried to compile it myself. Compiling went fine. After fiddling around for two hours.

But I ran in the problem: The version of libc6, which is compiled with electron has the wrong version number. How can I can change the version of the used libc6 to the version of my installation system? I see no makefile there? The finished AppImage doesn’t start. It complains about the missing libc6 with version 2.27. But on my system there is 2.24 installed.

When you build the app with electron-builder it should be downloading a pre-compiled binary of Electron so normally you don’t need to compile it. What’s the exact error message?

In general I think the trouble you might get when trying to build a 32 build app is with the native modules (eg. sqlite3, sharp, etc.) which maybe are not meant to be built in 32-bit.

/tmp/.mount_JoplinLlDhKa/joplin: /lib/i386-linux-gnu/ version `GLIBC_2.27’ not found (required by /tmp/.mount_JoplinLlDhKa/joplin)

This was the error message. There were some messages during compilation: “falling back to source compile”. This was definitely the case with sqlite and some other stuff. I’m no expert with this whole compilation stuff. Is there somewhere in the source tree a log file, which I can post or should I run the whole process with a logging / debugging parameter. I cloned the whole repo with git.

I installed electron@3.0.13 in the source tree. This bug with electron is known:

I could now build and start the AppImage but there opens only a empty window named joplin. This is it for me. Like expected from your side @Laurent there are too many issues to solve. I’m using another solution on my igel 32-bit only typewriting pc. I have the choice between cherrytree, tiddlywiki and qowncloudnotes. The nextcloud client desktop app is fully working in 32 bit and can synchronize local folders. That should do the trick. This is sad to say. Joplin is not anymore the software which runs on all my devices.

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I understand that this is a problem for you, but please understand that some software projects can't support technologies that are 10-15 years old. I am not saying that Joplin is such a project.

I haven't used a 32-bit CPU for more than 10 years (except from my Samsung S3 which was 32 bit I think) and all my SW is 64-bit for more than half of that time (Linux and macOS). I compile ffmpeg binaries for macOS and some people wanted me to make them available for OS releases which were more than 8 years out of support. Most of the 3rd party code does not even compile for such old OS releases and if it did, I would have to remove 50% of the features in my binaries. I'm just saying at one point you must make a decision how you want your project and code to develop. Endless backwards compatibility or technolgical advancement and features.

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