Does Android and Windows use the same raw format


I installed Joplin on Android, but haven't played with it, or used it on the desktop yet.

Is it necessary to 'synchronize' between Windows and Android, or can I simply copy the jex file between the two environments via usb?

I've been looking for a convenient cross-tool for several years, and tried many of them. But all of the Pims require you to synchronize over wifi or dropbox or some other means. I just want to copy directly between the two environments, and backup over usb.

Can Joplin do that?

Not at the moment. There's no import/export functionality on Android even though the data format is the same under the hood.

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Okay, thanks Roman. I'll keep watching, and continue using Treepad Enterprise & Ultra Recall on Windows until this becomes possible.

On windows and Android you can sync to a local folder however, this local folder can easily be copied around.

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Thanks Caleb,

Meaning that you can copy a folder directly to/from Android and a Windows drive? Do I understand correctly?

Yes, this is correct.

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Alrighty, I'll give it a try, thanks.

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