Backup/Restore data from the Android App

@laurent and DEV

I have ~1.5GB Notes data of Joplin,
I installed Joplin android app 1 week ago on my Samsung S10+
And Until now Joplin android CANNOT completed download Notes !!!

I am stress about this problem, so tired ...

Pls add import/export feature to Joplin Android soonest ...
It is very necessary for case user need restore data after reinstall Joplin app...

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Please don't ping people for a feature request (and what sounds to be more of a support request with this feature as a workaround for something else not working).

Could you provide information as to what the issue actually is? Typically an import hasn't really been needed because you are just expected to sync it and if the sync isn't working then you have bigger issues and the app is far less useful overall.

Do you have a sync target set up? Is the sync failing? What versions are you using? Any logs etc?


I support the request for android Joplin to be able to read/write JEX files.

Our family business has about a dozen android phones and tablets and half of them cannot access our Linux Joplin data because of something that does not permit Dropbox or even Joplin itself to operate properly apparently due to some ARM cpu variation or failure to have the latest android release, although that is only speculation. Admittedly none of our devices are the latest or greatest. Our needs are not sophisticated. We only need one way copy since the android copies are used read only by choice.

Since JEX is Joplins own creation to protect and pass data, it seems reasonable to ask that the android version be able to read it.

An alternative might be to indicate if the data dir's on joplin-desktop can just be copied to android and just where in android they should be. That is, if duplicating the files from Linux Joplin into the proper location on android joplin would work at all.

Please don't suggest that we just sign up all our devices for joplin cloud. For good reason we do not trust confidential data to any software provider's promises of secrecy. It's a very small business but it's all we have.


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The JEX export/import isn't really a good fit for your use case. It's not meant as a syncing format, and will duplicate every item. This means that your workflow would be

  1. Download JEX
  2. Delete all Joplin data
  3. Import JEX
  4. Repeat.

As you might guess, it would be a very manual and slow process.

You might be more interested in an alternative syncing tool like syncthing.

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I don't know if this is intended as a slight but giving the benefit of the doubt I don't think this has ever been an agenda pushed by anyone.
Joplin not only maintains (and continually enhances) compatibility with propriatary sync targets (dropbox, onedrive, aws) but also with open source + self hostable solutions (nextcloud, webDAV, local file system sync) not to mention Joplin Cloud itself is simply a hosted version of Joplin Server which one can self host.

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Hello All,

As i said before:
I have ~1.5GB Notes data of Joplin on Dropbox,
I installed Joplin on:

  • Laptop (Windows 10): Data be synced to Dropbox
  • Cell phone 1 (Galaxy S8+):Data be synced to Dropbox

And now i install Joplin on:
Cell phone 2: (Galaxy S10+):

  • No root
  • Android 11
  • I configured Joplin App sync with Dropbox successfully

But Joplin on S10+ : still getting data from Dropbox for 7 days so far,
I donot know when it will be done...

I also try other method :
Copy Joplin Data from Dropbox to S10+, then use the option Sync from target "File system"
But it failed due to Joplin app or limit of Android 11 !!!

I try with other versions og Joplin Android but still failed:
Joplin android 2.4.3 / 2.6.3/...

I cannot see my Notes on Joplin on S10+

If Joplin Android can export/import (Backup/Restore) data, i can EXPORT data from Joplin on S8+ then IMPORT to Joplin S10+ . It so simple, true?

Pls add this feature to Joplin soonest

Is it possible to use syncthing in order to get all annotation made on an the joplin android app. I started to try to include my android app with my joplincloud without loosing my old annotation made on the android app.

I think that it would be great to have a way to get all annotation from android app. I'm not sure how to do so.

I got the joplin.sqlite from android app. Maybe I can use it on desktop app... I have to remember how to do so and check if it work fine.