Android direct sync to Windows - How?

My desire is to sync my android tablet and phone directly to my Windows database without putting my data up on the Internet or paying for a service. I’m thinking there is a way to do this if I’m on the same network. My windows machine has a fixed IP address. Basically, I’d like the recommended procedure to do this. I’ll be happy if someone can point me to directions.

If there is a danger of losing data, is it smarter to sync from the database to another folder in Windows and then sync from there? If so, does that really prevent losing data or just make it one step removed, ie. wipe the windows sync folder then have it wipe the database on the next sync.

If another server app should handle the syncing, are there recommendations?

If it can be done directly how is it to be done precisely.


I think you’re best bet is to sync to a filesystem folder which is then handled by an external sync application. I recommend syncthing

OK. I think I’ve got it. I’d imported a few thousand evernotes. Then copied the database to a documents folder. Then setup syncthing on a tablet and my windows machine and synced to a folder on the tablet. Now am syncing from that folder to the database on the tablet.

I think it’ll work, but it does seem awfully fragile to sync using joplin to a local sync folder then have syncthing sync to the android tablet, then have the Android Joplin sync to the android copy of the database.

It seems like a lot of things can go wrong. But, the Joplin database seems to be arriving on the Tablet. I guess time will tell.

thanks for your help.

Are you syncing the actual database? Or setting the joplin sync target to filesystem?

Because in case 1 you’re correct it’s incredibly fragile and you should not do it. For case 2 syncing to and from a remote location is something that Joplin has been designed to do and there is nothing fragile about it.

I’m glad to see your setup is working, but if you still think there is an issue I’m happy to help you make things more solid.