Do Windows and Android Joplin use the same database file?

Does the Window s Joplin 2.10.19 (prod, win32)
Sync Version: 3
Profile Version: 42
Revision: 1100ab0
use the same database file/format as Android 2.10.8. ?

In other words, could I copy the file from Windows to Android using either USB or FTP over LAN?

My problem is getting all my notes uploaded and synced is proving difficult due to the number and my very limited bandwidth currently. I am doing it in stages but it is still difficult. So my thought is:

  1. Make sure both Windows and Android device are currently synced.
  2. Set sync target on both devices to none.
  3. Close app on Android
  4. Import the remaining 1,000 notes or so
  5. Close windows app
  6. Copy the database file from Windows to Android using FTP over LAN or USB
  7. Make sure the new file is on Android in the right place.
  8. Start windows and Android apps making sure all the notes display okay.
  9. When I have more bandwidth, set sync target back to drop box on Windows and Android (I seem to recall someone saying it remembers this setting and won't have to be reauthorized)

Would this work? Would it muck anything up? It seems like it should save me a lot of bandwidth and time not having to download it to Android over Dropbox.

It might work, however for this step:

Make sure the new file is on Android in the right place.

you need root access on your Android. If you have it, you lose nothing (except a bit of time) by trying it.

Also as I recall the database files are named differently on desktop and Android, so make sure you rename it

Ah one I don't, and wouldn't you know it is the device I use the most. I did put the database on the SD Card but I bet you are right and I won't be able to see that location easily (if at all).

Drat. Too bad the app doesn't let you specify where to put the database (or put it in a visible location if you choose)

How about sync via file system? Seems like it would take a lot longer than if I could copy the database over though. But I also see that sync via file system isn't working on Android at the moment.
Did the app used to have a option to specify where to store the database?
If so, I probably could wait until that comes back.

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