Android data location

Which folder on Android is the Joplin data?
I want to copy my data from my laptop to my android for my first sync rather than using 1GB of data syncing from Nextcloud.


It's something like /data/net.cozic.joplin but you need root to access it. And I ma not sure copying data is going to work anyway.

Is the data on android not the same format as the desktop?

Mostly the same, there may be some entries in settings specific to desktop/mobile.

It's just that no one has tried that and it was not designed for it to work.

I would like to try but I have no idea where android stores the joplin data.

I told you where - /data/net.cozic.joplin or something like that

ok thanks

Now I have a more serious related problem. The data folder is in my internal drive which is full. My sdcard has plenty of room though. My Joplin data is over 1G. How can I tell Joplin to use my sdcard rather than my internal drive on my Android?

At the moment you can't.
Telling Joplin to not download all attachments automatically should help, at least short term. Unless of course you have 1Gb of text.

The problem with it is that as far as I know, once downloaded, attachments will stay on the device forever and will not be cleaned up automatically.

guess I'm have to wait till I get my new phone with more internal storage before I can use Joplin on Android. I don't have enough free internal storage space for now. :rage:

You can try manual attachment download, this way attachments will only be downloaded when you open them.

I'll soon replace my aging phone so I'll just be patient until then.
Thanks for your help though.

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