Do not close tags popup window after choosing one tag

The window where we can choose tags for note has a popup menu where you can scroll through all your tags.
But after choosing one tag, this scrolling window is closed, and you should start scroll from the beginning again. It is very inconvenient when you have 397 tags, and you want to choose 4-5 of them for your note.

It would be nice if this popup menu with all sorted tags doesn't close if, for example, I hold CTRL while clicking on the tag. So it allows me to scroll other tags without losing my point in this list.

It boosts productivity for users with 100+ tags.

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You can achieve the same using auto-complete and tab, which works well for me (although I only have 10s of tags, not hundreds). i.e. type and use the arrows to select if needs be, hit tab to accept, and you can start typing again.

hit tab to accept

No, at this moment list closed. I can't achieve it by autocomplete and tab. There is no way to prevent the window from closing.

As I said it is inconvenient to close the tags window if you have many of them.
I think it is not a very complicated feature that simplifies the life of users with many tags.

Hmm, certainly on the latest (dev) version (1.3.2) I get this behaviour:

Yes, the same as me. Each time you choose the tag list of tags closed and you lose your position :slight_smile:
Please, see my screenshot.

OK, you want to use the mouse, I've got it :wink:

No, you misunderstood me. Uff...

Go to Evernote Legacy, press CTRL+ALT+T in any note. Now use ARROWS to go through you tags, use SPACE to choose tags, use ENTER to end this process. In that case you can choose you tags way more faster when in your example with typing.

To implement almost the same in Joplin I need this list with tags stay open when I choose tags using ARROWS and TAB or ENTER or any other combination of keys. Or mouse, it still would be faster.

That is more important this process not only faster it allows you to recall your tags, not create new because you see that you have similar one.

OK, understood - sorry to have muddied the thread :slight_smile: One of the interesting things about EN and Joplin are the very different use cases people have for folders/tags/search etc.

Actually from the recent Ian interview, Evernote has only 5% of users who use tags a lot.
I am in the boat where you implemented tags that cover all your interests and it is more productive for connecting notes than any maps or links.

BTW. My request helps even in your case. Try it in Evernote. You will see that even with <100 tags you will tag your note faster using the CTRL+ALT+T method. And you recall other tags. It is useful too.

So I think it is not a too complicated issue to give us the possibility to keep this list of tags opened (maybe using an additional CTRL button).

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