Delete individual tag from note tag list (desktop)

I just began using Joplin and realized that I was missing a small feature from the previous application I was using. I propose the ability to remove a single tag from the list of assigned tags appearing above the note.

The tradeoff for this convenience is the additional horizontal space required to display the X inside each tag. Maybe I overestimate the usefulness of this.

I’ll admit that I’m looking for an easy first contribution. I cloned the code base last night and had fun poking around and learning how it’s setup. If this idea gets a green light then I would like to submit a pull request.

Thanks everyone for your hard work on this app and your patience with this first-time contributor.


Although, we have option to add/remove tags in the context menu of every note. But i agree, this would be quite handy for doing the same. The only thing which bothers me that a tag will get deleted just by a click (which can be done by a mistake too) and have to make sure of is that it’s addition shouldn’t be affected according to different themes.

Good point. Personal opinion is that as you have to use the Tag dialog to add tags you should also use it to delete them. That way you prevent inadvertant removal.

An alternative modification to the tag label could be to make it so that when clicked it displays all notes sharing that tag, keeping focus on the note you are viewing. It would just duplicate the action of clicking the tag name in the left Notebook / Tag pane. Possibly useful if you are viewing a note and want to see what shares any one of that particular note's tags. So if your note has, says, five tags you can check the other notes for each tag, one after the other, without having to scroll backwards and forwards through the full tag list. (I thought someone had previously suggested this but I cannot find it)


Yeah, showing notebooks related to tags by clicking on tags binded to it will be a good option too. Even i have a habit of doing that but as we don't have that feature right now, it just does nothing. But @dpoulton shouldn't we discuss it in a new discussion ? This one's for deletion :stuck_out_tongue_closed_eyes: