Clicking on Tags like on Notebooks

Good morning,

on the notebook name you can click in a note and then Joplin jumps into this notebook.

Tags can't be clicked on, could you make them clickable like the notebook name,
so that Joplin then displays all notes with that tag?



That is expected behaviour for me too.

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That doesn't make sense to me. The tags belong to that note. If you want to see all notes with a particular tag, then you should click on the list of tags, which does work.

When you have a lot of tags and you want to see all related notes than this is a good way.
I think also a nice option would, when clicken on the tag, the tag is added in the search box as tag search.

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You can already do this by clicking on the tag in the list of tags which does filter out the notes in the way that you describe?

Personally I would like to see the clicking of a tag in a specific note made available (as a click event) to the plugin system for that particular note.

Not when you have 1800 Tags and if you have to scroll through the list and search for tag :wink:


I agree that this could be useful, especially for those who use many tags. I suggested this very thing nearly a year ago after a discussion about tags with another user.

(Note: The post mentions tags at the top of a note because that's where tags were way back then!)

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@Dave I have 2k notes and 100 tags and I already feel the difference between scrolling down, finding a tag and clicking it, and clicking it straight from a note. It takes 9 seconds to scroll down to the last tag on the list already.

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I appreciate we all have different wants and wishes from the application. As I've said, from my perspective it is not good design because you are clicking on a note specific tag and kicking off global functionality that can already be achieved in a couple of ways already. Better that such an action relates to the note itself rather than pass control back to the global scope. But hey, my views are no more important than the next person, and it would be Laurent who would make any such decisions.

The way I think about tags is that they are connective tissue between the notes. So in my mind clicking on a tag anywhere should show you all of the notes with that tag. That is the way that WordPress cms works for pages that display the tags the page has. It's a way to connect with all the other posts that have that tag.

But this is just the way I see it. Looks like clicking on a note's tag now does nothing so I don't see how it could hurt.


+1! I agree that this would be a great feature and I've found myself missing it several times now. Not necessarily because it makes sense within the logic of the application, but simply because people are used to it - every other software I can think of that uses tags makes them clickable, and when you click on them it shows you all other items (be it notes, blog posts or something else) sharing that tag.

it wouldn't be that bad if you could at least find notes/tags as you can in explorer i.e. with typing some of the starting letters. (for example "z" brings you to the first tag starting with "z")

I've implemented this feature in Desktop: Clickable tags in Tag Bar · Pull Request #5956 · laurent22/joplin.

Currently, the appearance and color of tags are not changed.

Any comments are welcome.

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Very nice, thanks.