Combining tags

I had used Evernote for 13 years. I began with the desktop app. I have Way too many tags, some start lower case, some upper case so I might have “backup” and “Backups” and “Backup Software”. This makes them essentially unusable in Joplin as there isn’t any tag search. Let’s assume about 150 tags.

Is there a simple way to combine tags? I think if I could get them down to 50 or so they might be useful.


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I think I’ve figured it out, so probably never mind. I can drag all the notes from one tag into another tag then delete the first tag as the 2nd tag was applied to all the notes.


I have had a similar problem witth moving from Evernote to Joplin. Evernote has a very efficient use of tags which means I have come to rely on it. As the number of notes increased into the thousands it was still very easy to find individual notes by just selecting two or three tags. The subset of notes can be tiny making finding a note simple. A tag can be word that is not even in the text (due to topic, different regional spellings of the word such as US/UK, different forms of the word such as adjective/noun spellings, different languages of the source about the same topic). Further is possible to exclude certain tags to refine the search. The classic weakness of folders to find data is well documented. Tags are best. Traditional key words extracted from the text are the default in Joplin, and while the search is fast, it is very poor at ranking relevancy. In short, I miss Evenote tag searches a great deal and it is feature that I wish for. Importantly the implementation must be optimised to be fast enough to be useable. The word search for Jopliin demonstrates this property but the tag search generates lags which makes me wonder how it is indexed. Food for thought.

I disagree about tags being best. Best is both. Having an outline format, available in Joplin by nested notebooks and tags is best. There are some things that are nicely handled by an outline type setup and sorting within the final notebook/ section. It is often easier to look at an nicely organized outline and find a sub-section within it without needing to remember the key word used for those things and only those things. For example, finding confirmation from a vendor from earlier this year, is easier with a folder for confirmations, and a subfolder for vendors. - Or for a client, with a folder for clients and subfolder for their purchases. I’d hate to have everything in my documents folder all mixed up and without folders, requiring me to remember hundreds of tags.

I have not noticed any slowdown or delay with tag searches. For me they are immediate. Are we talking about the same thing? Ctrl-G followed by # and starting to type a tag? A list immediately appears for me with all the tags containing that character string.

Admittedly, searching could be strengthened. I haven’t found a way to do multiple tags at all or to search within a note. Earlier today I copied a long web clipped article to another editor to search within that article for a term. - Possibly I’m just missing things.

Ctrl-F (Cmd-F on a Mac) will open a search box for searching within a note. The highlighting only appears in the preview.

Thanks. I probably should have tried that. Read help file on search. and tried right clicking, but should have tried Ctrl-F since it is pretty standard. And, switching to preview mode only makes it large enough to read nicely. That’s very helpful.