Deletion sync not being reflected to other devices

Finally got Joplin set up on 2 iOS devices and a Windows10 desktop. On one of the iOS devices, I deleted some notebooks and did sync up to OneDrive w E2EE enabled. I then went to WIndows10 device did a sync and the items I deleted off the iOS device are still showing up on the Windows10 desktop Joplin. The 2nd iOS device shows 1 of the duplicate items whereas the Windows10 device shows 2 of the duplicated items. The 1st iOS device from which I deleted the duplicates of course shows no duplicates.

Could be a conflict, for example, if the notes had been modified on Windows, they won’t be deleted via sync. The best is just to delete them again from Windows and they should be gone.

Thinking it was a OneDrive issue I deleted the iOS app. I then went back to the WIndows device and changed the E2EE syncing to Dropbox which took ages to sync up to my Dropbox account vs OneDrive. I then reinstalled the iOS app. I set up Dropbox sync using E2EE on iOS. Once the decryption completed on iOS I went in and edited the name of one of the duplicates. I sync’d it back to Dropbox and then went to Windows app and requested a synch. The renaming of the Notebook never showed up. I went back over to iOS and actually made a change in the note. Sync’d it up to Dropbox then requested a sync on WIndows. The edit never showed up. On Windows its as if there are no changes made to the notebook.


I deleted the iOS app yet again. This time in Windows I disabled encryption all together and sync’d the data up to Dropbox account. Only after the syncing of the data was complete on Windows did I reinstall the iOS and configured it for Dropbox syncing was slow as molasses on my 100/100 connection. Again renaming or making changes on iOS or on Windows was not reflected on the other devices even after syncing. I went into the iOS app and under encryption it showed that Encryption was enabled even though Windows app had it disabled and the iOS was just reinstalled! Now Windows app does have a master key password set up but encryption is definitely disabled. Once I disabled encryption in the iOS app the changes were properly reflected.

I verified that this is indeed the case on iOS app by deleting it, then adding it back in and syncing it to Dropbox. The app automatically enabled encryption even though there was no encryption enabled on the master box aka Windows10. I had to manually disable encryption to get the additions and deletions to propagate properly.

I then uninstalled the iOS and changed the Windows machine to use OneDrive and sync’d the data. Then installed the iOS app and there was no problem with changes propagating properly nor with encryption being enabled on the iOS unnecessarily.