Evernote notebooks import

Can I not import all my notes in their original notebooks to Joplin. It’s a daunting task to have to recreate all the notes and migrate them into their old positions.

Before importing them and to move them easily once in joplin, I suggest you set a tag (corresponding to the notebook name) on the notes in your original application.
Then export them.
Then import them.
Then you could find the notes with a tag foobar and move them in a folder foobar for example.

Thank you. I’ll give it a try… Much appreciated.

@rafikiphoto you probably tried it the way I did, the first time around: clicking the root folder in Evernote and exportng. Then after import, all the notes are in one big heap. (I’m not sure though, you didn’t really describe what you did or what happened.)

I noticed though that if you right-click a specific notebook and export it, then import to Joplin, the notebook is created and all the correct notes are in it.

While this of course means you’d have to export each notebook separately, it might still be a lot quicker and more precise to do it this way, and you end up with exactly the same notebooks as you had in EN. (It’s what I’d ended up doing, anyway.)


Yes, I did exactly that! With the same result. Not an easy conversion whichever way with a lot of notes/notebooks. Thanks for the heads up.


Do you have a lot of notebooks?
Yes, it’s a hassle, but it’s probably the least painful variant.

i have to admit that if i knew i could export notebook , i would use it as the trick with tags to set and then move notes to folders, make joplin working a lot and the sync is very long too


Maybe joplin can do the same as the Synology guys with their Note Station in future.
When you import evernote notes and notebooks you can choose the server, log in and Note Station gets all notes and notebooks from evernote directly. Finally you have the same structure as in evernote.

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