New Plugin for users coming from Evernote ! :)


@laurent I'm unsure I understand what you mean.

To me this plugin is still relevant as Joplin didn't manage to replace Evernote internal links after I imported my enex files.
I indeed used the latest stable Joplin release to date (v2.14.20 published 2024/03/20, as v3.0.2 is tagged Pre-release).

I saw those fixed issues :

  • #9596 (Joplin v2.14.6 Pre-release)
  • 20b1c2e (v2.14.7 Pre-release)

So I thought everything would convert when importing. Unfortunately it wasn't the case for me, I had a few internal links correctly replaced (sorry I should have sum up the portion of converted links over all my notes before using @cysacenda plugin).
I think my screenshots speak for themselves : his plugin did a really good job and indeed converted most of my internal links.

So @Laurent I'm wondering why this plugin shouldn't be needed anymore, or is my current experience an isolated case ?

@nonobio yes 61 stressfull hours but Joplin did a great job (except for internal links remplacement as you read), as I mentioned here.

@cysacenda . I can deal with a bunch of broken internal links by hand. I'm simply asking if you have any idea what could have caused my links not being converted by your tool ?

To me your Readme is perfectly clear :slight_smile:.

In Evernote, I carefully checked one by one all my +16k note (took me a few hours) to ensure no one had an empty title. The very last operation I did before exporting to enex was the creation of my summary note (to anticipate checking as I previously explained).
After importing into Joplin, I filtered (with some css display) my summary note : 463 remain unconverted (fortunately it's only 3% of all my notes).
Maybe there's still something I didn't do right or forgot. Or is there any restriction using special charaters in the note title ? (ie. beginning with "[" or "*", etc)

Thank you for your time reading me guys, and thank you again for the (still) usefull (to me) plugin.