GSoC'22 guidance

Hi, Myself Deepak Verma, a second year UG student at Indian Institute of Technology (BHU) Varanasi. I am interested in contributing to your organization and targeting GSoC'22. I have no prior experience of GSOC and hence, how should I start now so that I can start contributing in the projects? Further I wanted to ask if Joplin will be the part of upcoming GSOC ?

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Please read up on it on the last year's page: Google Summer of Code 2021 | Joplin

The rules and processes most likely won't change, so it is a good start.

There was a topic just a few minutes/hours before your question. One thing you need to learn for GSoC is researching and reading the provided info.

P.S.: I am asking myself, why do people ask how to get involved with GSoC. The only thing they have to do is check out the project's web site and forum. Yet, everyone is asking the same thing over and over again.


Also we still have the pull request guidelines here:

Most important point is that any pull request without unit tests will be rejected. We had quite a few recently and all of them have been rejected because we couldn't tell if the change was an improvement or would add regressions (and in at least one case it was definitely adding more bugs than it was fixing).

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Yes, thanks for iterating this. I did not mention it, since it is literally the first link in the section "How to contribute" (4th link) on the page I posted.

Last year we had a banner on the forum with links, 2 or 3 pages on the Joplin web page, and documentation in the repository. Yet, dozens of people asked how to contribute, where to start, and so on.

Next year we should flag topics/comments and automatically disqualify anyone from paerticipating in GSoC for asking such a question.

This might sound harsh, but what can we expect from someone who cannot even read information that is presented to them on litreally every page on the forum (banner) or when they research the project (Joplin web site)?

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Sorry Sir, I will keep this in my mind. Anyways, Thank you so much for your reply !

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No, don't worry, all is good. GSoC hasn't even started yet.

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