"Create new note" menu item when right-clicking (sub)notebook

I have searched but didn’t find this. In short, I usually search for the right subnotebook where I want a new note to live, then right-click that subnotebook, only to realize I have to do something else to create a new note.

So I have a feature request: add a “Create new note” item in the richt-click-menu of (sub)notebooks.

I realize this is yet another place to have this option, but I for one believe it’s a good place.

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I see we get four options when we right-click subnotebook which are Create new subnotebook, Delete, Rename, Export. I personally see it perfect. As we have the utility to directly add new note from toolbar, i wouldn’t need that. But yeah, i won’t say it’s a bad option to have.

I tried implementing the feature though


That is exactly what I mean :slight_smile:

Like I said, it's yet another location, but I do believe it's not out of place there...

You might even consider putting "New note" on top, and (especially if more elements might be added to this menu) add a horizontal separator between the "New ..." options and "Rename", "Delete".

Oh no, i wouldn’t do that it’s just a side utility as Joplin users have the habit of adding subnotebooks through the only option right click and we don’t need to add any seperator it’s two types… the functions of present notebook and exporting of notebook. It looks fine for now as it’s just a context menu of notebook, adding too much options is not a good UX approach.

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@PackElend @bedwardly-down what are your insight guys?

That’s really a nice feature. Have you submit a PR in github? Hope It can be merged.

Oh, and maybe we can add a “new to-do” button, too