Is there a feature that let me choose where my notebook will be placed?

is there a way to create a notebook that at least will be created inside a notebook which has my cursor on it or have me choose the location/tree/hierarchy to place it in?


Nope, but I think Laurent would accept a PR for that. I believe this came up at one point in the past and he wasn’t against it.

It shouldn’t be too hard to implement. When you right-click on a folder and the context menu comrs up, the id is already known. Therefore using that id as the parent id would just be a different call to the function that creates the notebook.

I looked through the issues in github and found these corresponding issues/features
Issue#1984: add context menu and menu item to create sub-notebook
closed - Issue#898 Add Subnotebook menu item
closed- Issue#1978: Create sub-notebook by right-clicking on notebook

I left a comment under Issue#1984.

Under issue#1978 rallek (Ralf Köster) · GitHub said:
Create sub-notebook by right-clicking on notebook · Issue #1978 · laurent22/joplin · GitHub

I am pretty new to Joplin (and love it already :slight_smile: )
My thought about this topic:
When I added my first sub-notebook I went to the main notebook (focus on that one) and clicked on Create notebook . My expectation was to have the new notebook inside my selected one. Unfortunately it was created in the root.
To create a new notebook inside the root the selection of notebook s (the headline to fold an unfold the notebooks) should be possible.
Just the idea of a noncoding user :slight_smile:

@navlar the issue was closed, because I have added the code to Joplin already. Thus it will be available in the next release.

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Awesome. Thanks!