Is "new note" on the interface somewhere?

I feel like this is probably a stupid question, but I'm not finding an answer on my own. Is there no way, from the (desktop) interface to create a new note with one click, or am I overlooking something?

I know there's a keystroke combination. And I can find the option to create a new note in the menus. But you can create a new notebook by just clicking on the plus sign, and I don't see any corresponding option for a new note, which seems strange since, presumably, typical users will need to create new notes far more often than new notebooks.

In the screenshots I see online there's a toolbar on the UI, with buttons for a new notebook, new note, and new to-do, but I don't have that and I don't know if it's just a difference between versions or if there's a setting somewhere that I'm not finding.

At the top of the note list, next to the search there are 2 buttons. One is new note and the other is new to-do.

I don't see any buttons near the search. Am I doing something wrong? (I tried widening that column, to see if maybe they were hidden, but the search field just expands to fill it.)

This is not a really urgent problem; I can obviously create a note other ways. I just feel like I must be overlooking something obvious.

Maybe you use a userchrome.css file that removes those buttons.....

This is how it normally looks:

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Ohhh. I'm not sure what happened with mine; it must have glitched. I exited the program and restarted and now it looks like yours. It was helpful knowing what I should have been seeing; thank you!

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