Joplin Android: add the menu item, "add sub-notebook"

Dear Joplin Dev.Team,

Currently, in Joplin Android, there are no ways to add sub-notebook, so may I request to add the menu item, "add sub-notebook", to the pop-up window when you touch and hold on a name of notebook?



...or add it to the + button in addition to New ToDo and New Note.

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I'd like to see "new-subnotebook" as an option in the right click menu when right clicking on a notebook on the Linux desktop client too. Enjoying Joplin so far.

I also would love to see this feature as it would simplify my workflow immensely, as I always have to wait to have access to my computer to organize new topics into subnotebooks.

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Are there some Guru willing to write the code for this function for the Android Version?

I am willing to pay for it!

I think many of the users would like to pay for it too!

Hope this function could be seen soon!

@braddeshong welcome to the forum.

In the Linux desktop client if you right-click on a notebook and select "New notebook" you will get a new notebook under the notebook you right-clicked on i.e. a sub-notebook.