Corrupted jpg/png resource files on .enex import!

Joplin 1.2.6
MacOS 10.15.6 Catalina

I have been importing data from Evernote as HTML from .enex files. I happened to take a look in the "joplin-desktop/resources" directory and found numerous corrupted (actually, truncated) .jpg files. There is nothing wrong with the .enex export, as I can re-import into Evernote and the graphics files are intact.

I currently have around 9,000 files in the "resources" directory, and just by browsing through them for a few minutes, it appears that somewhere between 50%-75% are truncated.

This is obviously a bit of a show-stopper as far as migrating to Joplin...

v1.3 has various fixes for Evernote import so that might work in that version. In the meantime are you able to provide a sample ENEX file that shows the issue?

t7.enex (405.2 KB)

Here is a small one. I have a different (and larger, 6MB) one that also does not work.

Actually I made an error in attaching the file; this .enex file is one that Joplin is unable to import. I'll have to find another one that deterministically triggers the corruption / truncation issue. This .enex file really relates to post Logging / debugging MacOS application import