Logging / debugging MacOS application import

Joplin 1.2.6
MacOS 10.15.6 (Catalina)

I tried to import a 4,500 note, 2GB Evernote .enex file without success, so I exported individual notebooks and began to import them one at a time.

I have run into a case where a notebook with 40 notes is not successfully importing; I suspect there's a bug of some sort causing the import to hang. I found some references in the forums to a log.txt, but I can't find it on my system. Is there documentation somewhere on how to enable logging or other debug facilities in order to track down the note that's causing the import hang?

The page linked from the initial pre-populated checklist on this post (https://joplinapp.org/debugging/) says to go to " Help > Open Profile Directory; however I do not have an "Open Profile Directory" option under my Help menu.

The help menu item was added in 1.3.x.

your profile dir is: ~/.config/joplin-desktop (which you can also see in Preferences -> General)

I have isolated a single note that's causing the Joplin import to hang. I've read the FAQ, the forums, etc., but it's not clear how (and what) I should submit in order for this to be investigated. (I'm assuming that the log file and the .enex source would be helpful).


Yes, both files are most helpful. Also not sure, if Laurent wants a github issue for this right away.
But I guess it's better to send the enex file (if you can make it available) per mail.

@laurent please advise

Ah, I just saw that you opened another topic.

Let me know where to email the logs. I posted an innocuous .enex file to the other (specific) thread, as you already noted.

I sent a couple of emails containing .enex files that trigger the improper behavior.