Copy multiple links to a single note?

One Evernote feature I miss lets me select a bunch of notes and then "copy links". These links can then be posted to a new note that acts like a table of contents to all those original links. Often I'll use this to generate a single note with links out to various notes found through a saved search. For example, this lets me make a single note called "All my meals" that links to every note tagged "meal" or "food" etc.

Is there currently a way to do this in Joplin? When I select multiple notes, the "copy markdown link" button is not disabled, so it looks like somebody may have once intended that to work. Seems easy enough to implement, and it sure would be useful.

It does already doesn't it?

If you select multiple notes and use Copy Markdown link it copies all the internal links of the notes you selected to the clipboard.

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You're right! When I restarted Joplin, it worked! It's perfect, thanks!