Copy link adress copies the previous link, not the current, to the clipboard

On Desktop version 1.0.235 Windows 10. When right-clicking on hyperlink in a note and choosing ‘copy link address’, it doesn’t copy it to the clipboard, unless I right-click any other hyperlink first. Only then it copies my needed link to the clipboard.
To make it clearer:
right-click hyperlink A and chose ‘copy link address’ - does nothing
right-click hyperlink B and chose ‘copy link address’- Link address A is copied to the clipboard
right-click hyperlink C and chose ‘copy link address’- link address B is copied to the clipboard.
Any solultions/suggetions? is it a bug?

UPDATE: I just discovered this is a bug in the WYSIWYG editor. When I change to markup, either in Joplin’s editor or in an external one, the copy/cut/paste works fine.