Right Click clipping

It would be immensely useful if you could right click a link in a note and clip it to a new note like you can in a browser.
Or is there some way of doing that other than copy link, put it in a browser then clip it back to Joplin? That surely is a lot of wasted steps.

I am not sure I understand the use case, would that be the same as the "Duplicate" function on right click? Or maybe you are looking for something like the Combine Notes plugin that merges two notes together?

Maybe I didn't explain myself well. If I clip a web page, I get a pretty exact copy of the page, links included.However, the links are web links. It would be nice if I could click or right-click a link in Joplin, and get an option to clip that link as if I was in a browser and want t clip to Joplin to a new note.
Hope that's clearer.

Is this necessary?

again, maybe I'm not explaining myself. I have a page clipped in Joplin.That page has links in it. Tell what you would do to clip those links into Joplin.

In order to clip a page properly it needs to be rendered in a browser first, so that's why you need to do it from the extension.

Ok, now I understand. Thanks

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