Copy highlights from different web pages together in one Joplin document

Hello together,

I think Joplin is really great, but am looking for a specific feature that I haven't discovered yet: I would like to

a) work with folders and tags (like AppleNotes or Joplin) and

b) I would like to create e.g. for the topic XYZ a folder with the same name (XYZ) in Joplin and add text highlights, images or screenshots from different (!) into a single Joplin document / page within this folder "XYZ" under each other (e.g. with bullet points). But I want to do this explicitly over several web pages and within one single Joplin page. Copying highlights of a single web page below each other works e.g. in Notion with Notion Saver (maybe also with Save to Notion) but otherwise with almost no tool I know except Diigo Outliner. Unfortunately this is a bit old-fashioned and the support is really weak. That's why I'm looking for a similar tool and it would be great if I could copy e.g. single text highlights from different web pages (best with hyperlink, timestamp and if ideally with own snippet tags) on a Joplin page below each other with my Firefox Joplin extension - and also cross platform (Android, iPadOS, Windows, cross browser etc) this would be super good. That way I would end up with a dossier of different sources that I can use to create a line of thought for a particular topic.

c) Finally, I would find it great if I could edit my whole knowledge collection well encrypted only on my end devices and also pack it securely into a backup. As far as I know, Joplin is already far ahead in this respect.

Can Joplin already do especially point b) and I just don't know it yet?

Thank you so much for a reply