Converting from HTML to MD

Joplin 1.3.10
MacOS Catalina

I have imported many Evernote notes from .enex files, and chosen to perform the imports as HTML to preserve as much formatting as possible.

Now that the notes are in Joplin, as I identify notes that are more appropriate in Markdown format (basically, notes without complex formatting), I would like to convert them from HTML back to MD so I can update them by hand.

Is there any reasonable way to do this? I tried exporting an HTML note to Markdown (Export|Markdown), but the exported file is actually still HTML.

If the .enex importer allows you to choose HTML or MD, it would be nice to have a context menu item like "Convert to Markdown".


You might try to export your notes, parse them to markdown with Pandoc and then re-import those.

Apple Notes on the Mac can import .enex files by default.

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I guess the point is that Joplin's enex HTML import takes the HTML almost verbatim from the .enex file. If I choose "import as Markdown" it does a very good job, so all of the code is already there to convert from HTML to MD.

As I mentioned earlier, it might be a matter of minimal effort to add a menu item (or command-line option) to use the existing code and allow converting HTML notes to MD notes.

I suppose this now belongs in the feature request forum.

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I agree that a menu option to convert notes between HTML and markdown would be amazing! I have imported lots of notes from EN, and I have a mix of markdown and HTML as I move to Joplin. Copying/pasting from the WYSIWYG editor into a new markdown note is a great workaround for now, but it's a couple of extra steps.

Thanks for everyone on the dev team for such a useful project!


As a workaround I exported it with right click to html, opened it in a browser and converted it back with the webclipper. But I agree would be nice to convert on the fly directly.

Converting HTML directory or files into Markdown notes would be awesome.

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Is converting HTML to MarkDown feature still not implemented?