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Before Joplin, I used Nimbuss for notes. However, even Evernote was able to search sequentially by the words I typed. For example, looking for benzínu. I type in benzín, and Joplin doesn't find anything until I type in benzínu. Sometimes I don't know exactly what term I used and Joplin won't help me.

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You might find the goto anything feature helpful. It's not the same as search, but provides a handy way to jump to notes when you only know part of a word.

Search for benzin* and you‘ll find what you‘re looking for.

More about Joplin‘s search: Joplin search queries

Thanks for tip Ctrl+P working great in Linux desktop. But Android app do not work I try ''abbreviation for email(email sign unlogic Joplin forum ban for me :slight_smile:)benzin'' or any:benzin do not work.

*any text* works on my Joplin 2.6.9. (Android)

I tried any benzín and it didn't find anything. I have the current version from Google Play. 2.7.2


I have a doubt when I look closely at your research. In 'benzín' there is an 'i' with an acute accent.
Would this work with the search '*benz*n*'?
Does your Android system work in a language that uses a particular encoding, which would not be understood by the Joplin search engine?
What language do you run Joplin in?
I'm not saying I know why it doesn't work, I'm looking for clues.

My native language is Czech. Android use UTF-8 like Linux?


Android is a mobile operating system based on a modified version of the Linux kernel

Edit: A few searches later, I think the strings I was looking for are "cleaned". A 'é' is searched as a simple 'e'.
So, your text should be found with or without an accent, unless the language of your smartphone is a problem for the internal search engine of Joplin.
Sorry, I am unable to say more, let the real experts do it.

I try any benzin and nothing happen. I must remembred full word I typed pak to jde. Worst is that I looking for poznámky one year later.