Plugin: Note Rename

This plugin allows you to rename Joplin note titles in bulk by adding a prefix, suffix, or via search and replace.

There are two available commands:

  • Prefix / Suffix for adding a prefix or suffix to the title of the selected notes
  • Search and Replace for searching the given text in the titles of the selected notes and replacing it with something different.

This plugin exists because I keep a diary where my daily notes are just the date number as the title, e.g. 27. When I'm done with notes for the month I'll put them in a month folder, and I'll do the same for the year. The issue is that when I go to search my notes, only the title is visible in the search results with no other context. With this plugin, I can prefix my notes with the month and later with the year so that my search results aren't so confusing.

Maybe you will find more creative uses for it!