Coding Phase - Week 9 Report and Poll: ( attachments presentation, monitor a specific mailbox, ...)

Goals Achieved

  • Added attachments link to note.
  • Added a feature to locate the note in the notebook and add tags through the email subject.
  • Added a few unit tests for the above feature.

Next week

  • dealing with the subject of an email written in RTL languages and extracting folders and tags.
  • keep adding the unit tests for the function that extracts folders and tags from the email subject.
  • I will make the changes based on the polls.
  • add "export type and include attachments" features in the upload email screen.
  • Make changes according to the feedback on my PR.


This demo shows how to locate the note only by mentioning @folder or tag #tag in the subject of the email.

I would love to get your opinion on three things :smiling_face_with_three_hearts:.


There are different ways of presenting the email attachments at the bottom of the note.
I'm going to show you two ways. Please tell me which one you think is better.

  • The first way is better
  • no, second

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What is a better choice, if the user mentioned folders or tags that are in the email subject and do not exist in Joplin?

  • Create these folders or tags automatically and add the notes to them.
  • Ignore them.

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After adding the feature of monitoring based on 'from' and added the feature of converting an array of '.eml' files to notes.

Is adding the feature of monitoring based on a specific mailbox worth it to add this feature or not?

  • Yes, it's worth it to add this feature.
  • No

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If you have any other opinions or suggestions, please tell me.
Tanks :heart:


I know that it was discussed and the point is closed but may I ask if you could allow to write these in the first line of the email:


  • writing many tags in the subject could exceed the visible subject length
  • you could use email templates for most used tags and folders



would it be adjustable via options?

Looks great !
Did you plan to add the possibility to import mail as a todo ?

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You can right click any note and click to option to convert them in joplin itself

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Do you mean after converting it to a note putting the subject to the first line in the note, or do you want the location of the note to be determined based on the first line in the email?

  • If the first, frankly, I was planning to remove all @ folders or # tags from the subject to be subject clear in Joplin as Evernote does.
  • If the second, sure, I can add this feature, but I think it will not be elegant.

Based on the poll for which is better, this is what I will implement.
Do you have another opinion?

thx :smiling_face_with_three_hearts:

tbh, this feature is in my mind, and others like setting a time for the note based on email and other.
But there are features that should be added, like monitoring a specific mailbox, multi-user accounts, and coding review. After finishing these, I will work on it.


do you mean switch between note and to-do type option?

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I'm asking for this


I mean it could be selectable in the options if you want it either link in HTML or in markdown as
can make notes quite a clutter if there a lot of attachments.
I my opinion it should be selectable as it really depends on the source / use case.
You have written the code anyway, so only the "option" has to be added.


Yes i think @Imperial_Squid was thinking about that...
Of course, we can do it by hand but I was thinking of a more automatic process at the time of import.


Maybe the first line of email content has @ mentions or # tags?

Can I make a poll in the following report on this feature :thinking:?

Okay, I'll add this option this week.

But what is the best location to put this option in the setting?

I thought about using the exclamation mark until now(starts the subject with an exclamation mark).

!subject: @folder #tag

Why not :+1:

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I don't recommend that as it there are different use-cases. I have emails with few sentences but plenty of attachments as information/references. The text is the important thing, not the attachment, so I don't want the attachment to take up space more than absolutely necessary.
There are other emails, which say, look at attached image x and image y, in that case, I want them as HTML.
There might be other use-cases. You should think about them and may ask for others. A poll can help to identify the use-case(s) which happen most.

Don't forget, you don't want to exclude the others (40%) to provide as the majority (60%) say, I want this. You should ask yourself what about the uses, which don't use my product...

I would use both, as done before, for the time being. We should to the UI clean-up at the end of the project.

Okay, the extract function is already built, so no problem. I will add this feature.

I added full control to the note in the upload email files screen.
Check in the demo in this week's report

The two styles that were suggested in the poll have already been added to, and the highest selection percentage will be the default option.

I added the attachments style in the upload email files screen as well as in the plugin settings.

If there is any change in the email files upload screen, please let me know. Keeping in mind, that I will also add the "marking note as to-do" feature to the screen.