Coding Phase - Week 8 Report

Goals Achieved

  • I made some changes related to posting the markdown type notes.
  • Added inline aettachments to note.
  • The feature to convert emails to notes without logging in has been added (If you don't know about this feature, please read this).

Next week

I delayed making PR last week because the previous 3 weeks were dependent on each other, so I will create PR at the maximum after tomorrow.

  • Add attachments links to note.
  • Add a feature to locate the note in the notebook and add tags through the email subject.
  • Make changes according to the feedback on my PR.
  • starting to add a multi-user feature.


Each image you see in protonmail in the demo is not the conventional images fetched from the internet; it's the inline attachments that mean positioning attachments to Joplin first and then adding ids to the message content.

Convert emails to notes with just one click :grinning:.


Do you mean you will create a PR until day after tomorrow or will you create one big PR?
If second, make sure it can be easily reviewed otherwise brick it down to some "sub PRs"

I mean, I will create PR tomorrow.
I don't know if the PR will be big or not, but I think not so big.

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shouldn't that be optional when uploading the file

It's already active if you note in the first video in the demo that when you change the type of export, the type of export for note also changes.

But if you mean to add this option to the screen (below input file), it can be easily added, but I am afraid that the user will be confused :thinking:.

Done :smiling_face_with_three_hearts:

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when I watch the first video I assume:

  • drop down defines how the note is stored, it can be stored as:
    • HTML
    • Markdown
    • Plain text
  • check box defines if any attachment of an email is stored with the note as well

both options could be changed between two emails being imported so UX might be not that good.
I would like to have this option when I import an email.
That these are shown could be optional and de-/activate in the options menu.

a very primitive mock-up:

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Thanks for this mock-up.

make sense

I updated the UI. Is that what you mean?

If you want another change, tell me. Thanks

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That is better :grinning:

Style wise icon would be nicer but we can do that at the end of the project.

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