Clickable links (hyper links) in saved article

Anyway to make Joplin save clickable links in saved article? I tried simplified, complete page, html page. In all cases links are not clickable!

Also I want to close site once clipped, but it takes a lot of time to clip... When I close it, it is not saved!

Can you share an example of a website that doesn't work? Clickable links are supposed to work and they've always worked for me in the past.

Any site basically: European Parliament returns to Strasbourg — but few want to follow – POLITICO

It can help if you include the information asked for when a support post is created, such as:

  • The version you are using. LATEST VERSION is not a version number!
  • If you report a problem with the editor, please tell us which editor you are using (WYSIWYG/Markdown).
  • The operating system you are using.

Joplin 1.8.5 Desktop / Joplin Web Clipper 1.6.1 / Windows 10 / Firefox 88.0.1

Using the URL you provided I clipped it as a note twice using "Simplified Page" and "Complete Page".

When using the Markdown editor links were clickable in the Rendered Note Pane.

When using the WYSIWYG editor links worked using CTRL+CLICK (I assume that CTRL is needed as it is an editor as well as a viewer). Admittedly there does not appear to be a cursor change to indicate that the mouse is now hovering over a hyperlink.

I could not duplicate this as the clipping was almost instantaneous. Once the clipper reported "Note was successfully created" the information from the web page was in Joplin and the browser could be closed.

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Yeah clipping some sites is quick, but some is not. Also I dislike I can't close site, or it won't be clipped.

No, not linkify. Linkify just converts plain text that looks like it may be a URL into a clickable URL.

When you clip a site URLs are stored in the format [Link Name]( and these are clickable whether Linkify is on or not.

What I was saying was:

  • When I clipped the the page you mentioned, the hyper-links worked.
  • When using the Markdown editor (markdown) you just need to Left-click the rendered link in the render pane (see screenshot above), however
  • If you use the WYSIWYG editor (wysiwyg) you need to use CTRL + LEFT-CLICK

I have found most are very quick though some complex sites can take a bit longer.

If the clipper hasn't finished clipping when you close the browser / tab and stop it from clipping, then that, to me, seems a likely outcome.

I am in WISIWYG apparently and how do I switch to markdown, can't find answer on joplin markdown site, also doesn't see anything in settings, thanks.

OK, I'll bite... Already answered above.

(1) Switches to the Markdown editor
(2) Changes the markdown editor layout - which can be controlled using the View menu.


Why not spend a bit of time going through all the features, options and settings so that you can get a bit more familiar with the software?

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