Hyperlinks don't open a browser window in Rich Text Editor

I'm using Joplin 1.7.11 on Windows 10. I noticed that clicking a hyperlink (blue text with underline) usually does not open the link. Sorry I don't really know git or how to initiate an error report, and I'm not sure if this is a Joplin error or user error, although it seems somewhat unintuitive.

Normal clicking does not open the link.

Right clicking does one of two things. One, it pops up a window with these options: Open, Save As, Reveal in Folder, and some other options. Clicking "Open" will result in an error "Resource ID not provided" or it will open a Windows Explorer file folder which I presume is where the note data resides.

Alternately, right clicking the link produces a smaller options window with Paste, Go to item via highlighted text, or Convert text to tag or notebook.

Ctrl + click occasionally opens the link in a browser window but usually does not. I'm not sure if Joplin has to process the note, perhaps? It seems like if the note has been open a long time, then Ctrl + click works, but not before then.

If I switch to Markdown view, I can see that the hyperlinks are properly formatted with brackets for the hyperlink name and parentheses for the URL.

Further, in Markdown + Rendered view, the hyperlinks work fine and open my browser window and go to the URL.


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